14 de julio de 2011

Texas Troubadour

Esta canción me ha gustado mucho desde que la descubrí, hace ya algún año. Pero no había visto el vídeo que pongo a continuación y la verdad es que me emocionó bastante ver como un hombre puede llorar al escuchar una canción. Un viaje a lo mas profundo y oscuro del ser humano....

Sometimes I don't know where this dirty road is taking me
Sometimes I can't even see the reason why
I guess I keep on gamblin', lots of booze and lots of ramblin'
It's easier than just a-waitin' 'round to die

One-time friends I had a ma, I even had a pa
He beat her with a belt once cause she cried
She told him to take care of me, she headed down to Tennessee
It's easier than just a-waitin' 'round to die

I came of age and found a girl in a Tuscaloosa bar
She cleaned me out and hit it on the sly
I tried to kill the pain, I bought some wine and hopped a train
Seemed easier than just a-waitin' 'round to die

A friend said he knew where some easy money was
We robbed a man and brother did we fly
The posse caught up with me, drug me back to Muskogee
It's two long years, just a-waitin' 'round to die

Now I'm out of prison, I got me a friend at last
He don't steal or cheat or drink or lie
His name's codeine, he's the nicest thing I've seen
Together we're gonna wait around and die

Canción: waitin´around to die
Townes Van Zandt

Album: for the sake of the song

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